Thursday, January 08, 2009

Loosing Control.....

I came so close to loosing control and letting things run away with me yesterday. I don't know what to write first, there is just so much. All my senses are now on edge to try and recover what is true and what thoughts have been the result of my mind racing and going over automatic negative thoughts.

Here's a few thoughts I have which I think are still rational...
  • I get just enough strength to do the next task, no more and no less.
  • My job is in no danger from any of my actions, despite any current changes in the department.
  • My tasks may change but my sallary is secure
  • My sallary is secure and therefore my flat, gym membership and independence is secure
  • I will not give up any of my control or independence without a fight. I will not let anyone take these from me.
  • I will not work past 6pm during this stressful period
  • I will continue to ask for and demand help as needed. I will be specific about the help needed to prevent any over crowding.

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