Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Am I feeling a bit manic?

I could be I guess, I find it very hard to know sometimes and impossible to distinguish a natural high from a hypo manic episode.

I was buzzing after going Salsa dancing on Sunday night, I was so nervous before I went in I said the Lord's Prayer to myself over and over again. I am not even religious but it keeps the negative thoughts away and it is a comforting feeling that someone is looking over you.

I guess I was a little high afterwards - I think I was just pleased with myself for going Salsa dancing. I had a lot of energy Sunday night, the guy I was dancing with wanted to sit every other dance out! I could have been a little high?

I don't think I was too high or caused myself any problems; I did loose my routine a bit yesterday and stayed up far too late. I will make sure I get to bed on time today and eat properly. As for blogging a lot I think I was bored more than anything else :o).

Raine; Thank you very much for your concern, I will make sure I stick to a routine this week and take plenty of time out to slow down and relax!


Raine said...

Thats good sensible thinking. I dont know you well enough to judge your state at all. I just know me and when I start putting up 3 blogs a day I am usually hypomanic LOL. I dont know if you go into full mania and if thats something you have to watch for or what so I just thought I'd mention it. I am very happy to hear you are having a good time :)

Sage said...

I am happy for you as well. I feel as Raine, i don't post a lot on mine but post on others when hypomanic, like 20-30 Blogs in an evening.

Annie said...

Maybe I was, I had a great week and enjoyed it though!!!

Annie said...

Raine, no I have bipolar II, I do not go in to full mania my mood just swings a bit.

Anonymous said...

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