Sunday, May 07, 2006

not going to Salsa :o(

I got the time wrong for Salsa dancing - whoops. I swam half a mile this afternoon though. I will be late if I go now. Maybe I am avoiding it I don't know. If I wait and go when I come back from Indy in 2 weeks I am more likely to be with the same people while I am learning. I don't know what to do. I think I am making excuses I am nervous enough though without walking in late! I will promise myself that I will go when I get back from Indy.

My psycholgist saidI should not back out of things that I am anxious about doing because the relief of not doing it is a reward to yourself and it just reinforces the patterns. I WILL GO THREE WEEKS TODAY!!!!!

I have Ants in my flat, I went out this afternoon and got some ant powder, some stuff to stop my hair getting so frizzy and a light bulb for the kitchen. I have cleaned the Kitchen again today although I did it yesterday as I don't want anyone to sy it is my fault they have got in as I donot keep the place clean enough.

My friend and her husband came around and gave me a sofa bed. They were going to give it away on freecycle.

I feel bad about not going Salsa Dancing!!! :o( I told my sister I intended to go but I will not tell her I missed it, she will be disapointed that I did not go. I am already disapointed with myself.

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