Monday, May 29, 2006

I did it...

I went Salsa dancing like I promised myself three weeks ago. I really enjoyed it. I did two lessons and then the had a live band until 1am. I did the classes and the women had to keep moving on so we danced with all the men. I did both the lessons which were really great. I then decided to get a drink at the bar before going home. I danced with three different men after the class. One of the men walked me back to my car!!!

The first man was in my beginners class but he was not a strong enough partner to lead me and was too short so I just had the one dance with him. The next man asked me to dance but was not impressed that I did not know all the steps. Finally the last guy I danced with I stayed with for a while. He has had a bout 20 lessons and I got better with him through the evening. He ended up walking me back to my car which was nice. I intend to go again next week as I really enjoyed it.

I am watching 'The girl with a Pearl Earing' now I am still buzzing from the dancing!!


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Cinthia said...

That's the best to improve in ballroom dancing, to keep switching partners! Good luck to you. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. :)