Saturday, May 13, 2006

Select Mutism Awareness

For My Poster Campaign

- Selective Mutism is a psychiatric disorder that is characterised by consistent failure to speak in SELECT social settings in which there is an expectation to speak; such as school.

- The child might be genetically prone to anxiety and too frightened to speak. If the child does not receive professional help they may fail to grow into an employable adult and suffer many years of psychiatric illness. By educating yourself you can help them.

- Selective mutism may become apparent in children as young as three years old.

- 1 in 1000 children suffer, please help identify that child and get them some help. They are too young and too scared to do it themselves!

Organisations to contact

· Childline
· National Lottery
· Department of Health
· Department of Education
· General Government/ individual MP’s
· National Institute of Mental Health
· NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)
· Children in Need
· The BBC/ Schools
· Universities with teaching courses.
· Channel 4 – TV advertising campaign.

I think I have set myself a big project - I have to do something, the information available mainly comes from the US, it talks about medication, that would scare most parent in the UK off. There is next to no information targeted at the UK population.

If you are reading this and you live in the UK please try and share some information with your familyand friends - we can't let young children suffer and grow up hinking they are different and bad people! PLEASE HELP!!!!

PS. It is 1am - I hope this still seems like a good idea tomorrow (or after some sleep) I have not done any laundry or house work and I am meeting a stranger for lunch tomorrow. The taxi picks me up at 10.15 on Sunday morning I am so going to regret staying up so late! I hope I am not getting too high!

I am ging to put a load of laundry in and then go to BED!!!

My views on BBC Documentary on Selective Mutism

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