Friday, May 12, 2006

lots to do...

Work was good again today, I spent a lot of time preparing for my trip to the US. The office was very quiet as a lot of people work from home on Fridays plus a few have taken holiday as many of us are flying to the US on Sunday.

I ate my lunch in the Orchard again today, it is really pleasant sitting there in the sun. Someone from my office came to join me so I did not feel quite so much like a loner! It was someone who does the same job as I do but I have not talked to him much as we work in different teams.

I have a lot to do tonight and tomorrow, although I have all my work stuff ready to go on Sunday I have not started to get my clothes ready and I do not have a suitcase. Most of them are in the dirty washing and the rest are in the ironing heap.

I have arranged to meet someone I met on a dating website for lunch tomorrow, I stood him up last time as I got really nervous and freaked out. He came quite a long way to see me and he is coming a long way again tomorrow - I can not stand him up again - I hope I do not get too nervous. Not sure why he would still want to meet me? I have been chatting to him for a while now and I have not managed to put him off?

I have loads to do so I need to get on! I will post again tomorrow evening.


Raine said...

why are you coming to the US??

Sage said...

Hi Raine, Annie needs another friend from U.S. Nice to see you here.

ANNIE........See that you did get my post up, thank ou. you have been making quite a bit of progress socially over the last couple of weeks. It's so nice to see that as you have been much the introvert in your life until now. Did you meet the new man that you originaly stood up? I hope so, it would be a great stride forward forward for you.
BTW Where in the States are you coming to visit? Not to say that me and my family are coming to see you but would like to know. If you go to my Blog, you can get my e-mail addy. Til i hear from you...