Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is anyone out there?

Please leave me a comment if you visit, you are probably the first!


Napoleon said...

... that the first time I retype it ... I am not so used too that.

Congratulations for publiing that and being so open.

I think I catch 80% of your saying but I ll try to go through French web in order to get the right definition and he more precise one.

I don t catch yet the differenc between being shy and yours.

Else I ve been through a tough year too last year with a quite severe depression.

i ll text u

Napoleon said...

ok i got the definition of boths.

Firstly I recognize that I should not have compared shyness with social phobia.

It seems that your concern for the next week end to Cambridge has ben solved. I quite do understand your problem, but I think, from what I ve read, that you just have to be factual. You do not have to get your beahaviour in accordance to other wishes. However you should give clear feedbacks on what you can and cannot do... For example there it is not unusal that planes get delyed which will get impossible for you to be in Cambridge for lunch