Saturday, May 13, 2006

Selective Mutism Campaign

I am going to Indianapolis via Chicago Airport. It is going to be a working trip so I will not have much spare time.

I have got a bee in my bonet about selective mutism. I really want to do something to raise awareness. I have been brain storming all evening about things I could do. I am going to write to all the mental health and social phobia oganisations I can find. My aim will be to just get them to put an information site on their websites. I am also going to start writing to the department of health, the department of education and to try and get them to fund an awareness campaign. I am also going to contact the national lottery, childline, and the BBC Children in need organisation. I have to do something.

I have been working on some information, I am going to try and post it! I wonder how this will sound in the morning!

My views on BBC Documentary on Selective Mutism 

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