Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mind Rushing

At 2 am my mind was still rushing. I think talking to the guy I am going to meet today triggered it. Y told him I wanted to raise awareness about selective mutism. I then did not move from the sofa or have any dinner until 2am. That was about 8hours straight.

When I went to bed I did not feel tired, I could not lie still and I felt like getting upto do the some of the things I need to do today to prepare to go away.

It is 10am now, I intend to hang the washing, wash up and wash my hair before meeting for lunch at 12.30. I need to go in earlier to do a few things in town.

Doing all that stuff on selective mutism seems a little ambitous, I am going to contact the social phobia web sites at a minimum though - maybe I will do more maybe not?

I will post again later if I get time!

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